Face Masks


Face masks are here to stay in the UK for the forseeable future.  So now's the perfect opportunity to get your brand LITERALLY in front of as many faces as possible!

Like any fast trend, there are hundreds of branded face masks now to choose from.  It can be quite tough to decide which option is best.  Fortunetly, with plenty of options available, it also means that there will be a branded face mask best suited for your brand and company.

Here's a few quick pointers to think about before deciding on your branded face mask:

  • Reusability - disposable face masks come in large bundles so are cost-effective, but opting for reusable face masks will make sure that your clients will have your brand on their mind every day.
  • Full colour print - the majority of customised face masks have the option for full colour dye sublimation print, meaning that you can be as creative as you like with your artwork.  Just remember that it is essentially a clothing accessory so it has to be something attractive for people to want to wear.
  • 2 or 3 ply protection - this means how many layers of protection the face masks have.  We would suggest opt for 2ply protection at the very least.
  • Elasticated fit - they have to be comfy for people to want to wear your face masks.  Different styles of face masks work well for some, but not as well for others.  Opting for an elasticated fit will help you appeal to a wider audience rather than going for a style only a select few will wear.
  • Fast lead time - Do not miss out on the new trend.  Get your branded face masks out to your clients as quickly as possible to get maximum exposure.  As demand is high, many branded face masks have a quick lead time of usually 7 - 10 working days from approval of artwork.  Going for UK manufactured face masks will ensure faster delivery.


Looking for your own branded face masks?  Let us do the hard work for you!  Simply send us your logo and quantity required.  We will then provide a quote on the perfect branded face masks to suit your staff and customers.

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